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Join the One Flush Movement

Do you have constant problems with your toilet clogging? It is important to know that now all toilets are created equal. Due to government regulations the amount of water per flush is limited possibly leaving your flush incomplete. There are many options available so it is important that you're well informed before making a decision.

Toilets in America are symphonic by design which means the water flushed creates a siphon that pulls the water down the drain. Unfortunately, this design is somewhat prone to clogging due to the long slender trap way. Therefore, the size of your flush valve is very important.

Top rated toilets in the market use large flush valves so the water in the tank is dropped quickly resulting in a better flush.

In 2003, toilet manufactures began MaP Testing toilets. MaP Testing (Maximum Performance Testing) is not mandatory, but is voluntary practice of some manufacturers.

What does MaP Testing Do?

The results of a MaP test shows the number of grams of solid waste that a particular toilet can flush and completely remove from the fixture. In 2003 the average was 336 grams and has now more than doubled to 882 as of March 2017.

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