8 Plumbing Problems that are BIGGER than you think

Updated: Jun 19, 2018

It's one of those things that no one wants to deal with, but leaving these issues alone only causes a bigger problem. Take a proactive approach to save cost and frustration in the future!

1) Clogged drains could be a larger issue than you think.

A clogged drain seems like a problem that can easily be taken care of. However, if action is not taken quickly it can cause other serious issues.  A clogged drain that appears to be in just one location of the house could be blocking the entire sewer system.

There are a few products available that advertise to remove clogs but generally the clog must be properly removed.

2) Lukewarm or cold water

If you enjoy the modern convenience of being able to wash clothes or dishes or even shower whenever you feel like it your water heater is to thank.  When it begins to work improperly, cold showers become a reality.  This could be an easy fix or something that needs serious attention but you will not know until you contact a plumbing professional.

3) Is your water heater leaking?

Is there moisture around the base of your water heater or leaking outside from the drain pipe?  This is evidence of an apparent problem with your water heater.  We would love to send one of our technicians out to inspect it to see what repairs may be needed to avoid the loss of hot water or damage.