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Leak Detection and Repair

Let a  Pro Solve the Problem

Our highly-trained technicians are skilled in locating and repairing a variety of plumbing leaks. Using state-of-the-art technology and equipment our technicians arrive prepared to find the source and help prevent any further damage to your home. 

After locating the source our technician will offer a brief consultation on the most efficient and cost effective way to resolve the issue. 

Signs of a water leak

Early detection can help prevent catastrophic damage. You may see these signs if you have a slab leak, leaking wall pipes, or an older plumbing system that is beginning to fail.

  • Increased Water Usage on Bill

  • Discoloration of wood flooring, grout lines, ceilings, or walls

  • Buckled or swollen wood floors

  • Wet Foundation

Your Local

Plumbing Professionals

Water Damage 

We proudly refer customers to Restoration 1 of East Baton Rouge for water damage and mold remediation. 

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Saving Water

Means Saving Money

Fixing your leaky faucet means more money in your pocket every month!
Get Stared


“Jake is the best! Always does top notch service and is trustworthy. Would highly recommend!” 

—  Sterling Clark

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